A Christmas Hike & Birth Plan

Hope you all had a happy, healthy Christmas! We had company. I miss my runs with this sweet girl, whose over-active tail knocked all the needles off of our tree! Or it seemed that way. Oh well, the tree will be down on Saturday. And it was well worth any extra vacuuming to get to … Continue reading A Christmas Hike & Birth Plan

My Day Via iPhone Pictures

My husband feels like he's coming down with the flu. I made a tray last night & forced some of these remedies on him this morning as well. Fingers crossed all of these preventative measures will fight it off! Headed to my 36 week check up! I took a picture of how much cheaper gas … Continue reading My Day Via iPhone Pictures

Baby, It’s Cold Outside! –At Home Workouts

I don't expect it to get much warmer than this today. It's already 1:00. The chill in the air poses a bit of a problem for this pregnant mom. You see, I loathe the gym. I love working out, but not in a gym. Before getting pregnant, this temperature wouldn't have stopped me from running. … Continue reading Baby, It’s Cold Outside! –At Home Workouts

Pregnancy Book Reviews-Top Ten

The belly button has popped! This was taken on yesterday (12/1/13), and I am officially a little over 34 weeks. Since baby could be here in the next 4-6 weeks, I've really begun thinking about birth and caring for a newborn! Up until now, I have been reading everything I could get my hands on … Continue reading Pregnancy Book Reviews-Top Ten

Weekend Warriors

What a weekend! Friday, I headed up to Boulder for the Resound Conference 2013 and heard some amazing speakers. More below. That evening, we went to the Stand for the Vulnerable event & got to hear one of our favorite artists live. A clip from the Josh Garrels concert is above.  Saturday, we were up … Continue reading Weekend Warriors

Happily Gaining Weight

First, I apologize. You're about to be inundated with pregnancy selfies. Feel free to skip this post. I debated whether or not I should even share all of these. They aren't great quality pictures. Still, they help to tell a story. The story of a girl who was once terrified of tipping the scale by … Continue reading Happily Gaining Weight