Easton Michael. A Birth Story.

I thought that I would wait to meet up with our doula & my husband before posting this, but I've decided to post away before I get even more behind. After revisiting the birth story with them, I may do a follow up post to add in what I might miss here. In the mean … Continue reading Easton Michael. A Birth Story.

Is It Like This Everywhere?

I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday spent with loved ones, stuffed with good food, and had some time outside. Our Thanksgiving was pretty mellow since we stayed here, and it was just the two of us. It was also, unfortunately for A., not the tastiest of holidays. This vegetarian doesn't know how to cook … Continue reading Is It Like This Everywhere?

Weekend Warriors

What a weekend! Friday, I headed up to Boulder for the Resound Conference 2013 and heard some amazing speakers. More below. That evening, we went to the Stand for the Vulnerable event & got to hear one of our favorite artists live. A clip from the Josh Garrels concert is above.  Saturday, we were up … Continue reading Weekend Warriors