Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins

Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins 🍓 I can’t get enough seasonal produce. Ever. We eat our fair share fresh, but i love exploring with different recipes too. I only wish these were the strawberries i grew up picking in my grandma’s garden. Still, these were gone in two days- a hit with the whole family. I’ll be … Continue reading Gluten Free Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins

Meatless Monday with Classic Pasta Night. Married Up.

His and Mine. Pasta is about the only meal my husband will eat without meat. In the beginning, when I was vegetarian, this was an easy meal for me to make for both of us. It would even be easy now--but I'm not so in to pasta lately. Don't get me wrong--it tastes great! And … Continue reading Meatless Monday with Classic Pasta Night. Married Up.

Restorative Soup Sunday.

On Friday night, I started to feel a little run down. Extra tired. And I know there's a nasty bug heading around, so I went to work giving my body everything I could to help it fight off the virus. So far, I'm still not sick. Here's what's doing the trick (knock on wood and … Continue reading Restorative Soup Sunday.

Fall/Winter Daily Rhythm

Hello November. Hello time change that makes no sense if you have kids or pets. Hello wool sweaters & knit hats, jackets & mittens. Hello baked goods, life-affirming soups, afternoon tea, a bigger mug of coffee in the mornings. Hello candlelight, good books, reflection time, more yoga, new daily rhythms. I've been meaning to write … Continue reading Fall/Winter Daily Rhythm

Thank Goodness. Thank God.

Sunday was one of those days. We woke up, got ready for church, and Easton fell asleep right about the time we were supposed to head out the door. We were on our last diaper and out of laundry detergent anyway, so I knew after church we'd be making a quick Target trip on our … Continue reading Thank Goodness. Thank God.

The Weight of Motherhood.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was rough with a teething boy, but we managed to sneak away to Boulder for a short "hike" & some gorgeous fall color. Also, I am honored to be a guest blogger at Denver Natural Mom! You can check it out The Weight of Motherhood here if … Continue reading The Weight of Motherhood.

A Christmas Hike & Birth Plan

Hope you all had a happy, healthy Christmas! We had company. I miss my runs with this sweet girl, whose over-active tail knocked all the needles off of our tree! Or it seemed that way. Oh well, the tree will be down on Saturday. And it was well worth any extra vacuuming to get to … Continue reading A Christmas Hike & Birth Plan

My Day Via iPhone Pictures

My husband feels like he's coming down with the flu. I made a tray last night & forced some of these remedies on him this morning as well. Fingers crossed all of these preventative measures will fight it off! Headed to my 36 week check up! I took a picture of how much cheaper gas … Continue reading My Day Via iPhone Pictures

Pregnancy Book Reviews-Top Ten

The belly button has popped! This was taken on yesterday (12/1/13), and I am officially a little over 34 weeks. Since baby could be here in the next 4-6 weeks, I've really begun thinking about birth and caring for a newborn! Up until now, I have been reading everything I could get my hands on … Continue reading Pregnancy Book Reviews-Top Ten

Travel Tips for the Ride Home?

Are you traveling for Turkey Day?  We had been planning a trip to South Dakota, but when I realized how close December was after Thanksgiving this year (and also how far along I'd be-34 weeks!), I got to scared to make the trip. It's a long drive through stretches of nothing in Wyoming. There are … Continue reading Travel Tips for the Ride Home?