In the belly of a fish.

We read Jonah's prayer this week in my Friday morning women's small group: "Then Jonah prayed unto Jehovah his God out of the fish's belly. And he said, ' I called by reason of mine affliction unto Jehovah, And he answered me; Out of the belly of Sheol cried I, And thou heardest my voice.For … Continue reading In the belly of a fish.

What Does It All Mean?

You guys! The coolest thing just happened. And I'm one of those people. The kind who think that things don't just happen. Maybe it's because I was an English major and have been trained to look for the symbolism and theme in everything. Or maybe it's because I believe in God, in the Universe, in … Continue reading What Does It All Mean?

On the 4 Phases of a Woman’s Life

I read this post on Elephant Journal this week about the 4 Phases of a Woman's life (as the author had been told). She writes:" These are the Playful Child, the Sexy Seductress, the Good Mother and the Wise Older Woman (WOW). I was told this as I was entering into the “Good Mother” phase. … Continue reading On the 4 Phases of a Woman’s Life

40 Days of Gratitude, 40 Days of Health, & a Lifetime of Surrender

It's Ash Wednesday. You won't see me with any on my forehead. And you may or may not believe in any Christian doctrine or practices. Regardless, I think 40 days is a perfect amount of time to adapt to a new way of living.  I like ritual, when it's practiced with earnest intention. I think … Continue reading 40 Days of Gratitude, 40 Days of Health, & a Lifetime of Surrender

An Initiation

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to model for a local photographer. If you live in the Denver area and are in need of maternity or newborn pictures, check out Raelene Kerner! She made the shoot fun and had a ton of creative ideas and outfits for the shoot. It's funny, because if … Continue reading An Initiation

A Season of Waiting, A Season of Silence

It's been cold and snowy here for the last few days. Mornings begin with below zero temps. The days have not warmed up beyond 15 degrees. I've made quick ventures out of the house here and there, but I've mostly been house bound. It's fitting really. The cold weather. The time spent inside. It's a … Continue reading A Season of Waiting, A Season of Silence

Weekend Warriors

What a weekend! Friday, I headed up to Boulder for the Resound Conference 2013 and heard some amazing speakers. More below. That evening, we went to the Stand for the Vulnerable event & got to hear one of our favorite artists live. A clip from the Josh Garrels concert is above.  Saturday, we were up … Continue reading Weekend Warriors