Nourishing Practices and Sesame Seed Milk

My apologies for my absence in this space! We are now in our second week in a new house and new city, and I needed all the attention and time and energy I could muster for keeping my health coaching practice going while also packing and moving with a toddler. Things are finally starting to … Continue reading Nourishing Practices and Sesame Seed Milk

Fall/Winter Daily Rhythm

Hello November. Hello time change that makes no sense if you have kids or pets. Hello wool sweaters & knit hats, jackets & mittens. Hello baked goods, life-affirming soups, afternoon tea, a bigger mug of coffee in the mornings. Hello candlelight, good books, reflection time, more yoga, new daily rhythms. I've been meaning to write … Continue reading Fall/Winter Daily Rhythm

Fall Traditions.

Since Summer slipped out of my hands before I could even realize it was gone in my sleepless-nights-mental-fog induced my new motherhood, I've decided to make a list of traditions that I'd like to incorporate for our growing little family for fall--my favorite season. But who am I kidding. I love all seasons. Each one … Continue reading Fall Traditions.

How NOT To Go Camping With Your Baby

1. Pack you, your significant other's, and child's entire closet, two coolers worth of food, tent, camping gear, half your house, but forget your camera. Be forced to use your phone to record the first trip and rely on the pictures Grandma takes with her camera that you know will most likely stay on her … Continue reading How NOT To Go Camping With Your Baby

Home for the Weekend.

During college, I came home during summer breaks but didn't live with my parents. I was too young to be a park ranger but worked for Colorado State Parks. All day long I sat in the little booth taking money for day passes at the park entrance. Every hour lasted an eeeeternittttty. It was seasonal … Continue reading Home for the Weekend.

Poor Me?

I've been thinking a lot lately about money. I grew up without much of it. I spent years in hand-me-down boy's clothing & being embarrassed about my cut-off pants in the summer when many of my friends could afford to buy shorts. We lived in small houses. Eating out meant picnics. I cringed getting in … Continue reading Poor Me?