Practical Magic.

I've never been a big fan of scary movies. On Halloween night, I usually prefer to stay at home and pass out candy while watching movies. My favorite is Practical Magic.  It's one of my favorite movies--not just for Halloween night. I love this movie for any night. Truth. I do have a minor obsession … Continue reading Practical Magic.

I Want a New Tattoo.

It's been cooler lately. Rainy. Summer is whispering her last secrets through the weeds and over the lakes, through the tips of trees and on my cheek. In the mornings I run with a long-sleeved shirt and feel my legs shiver until they move enough to get warm. I cover E's legs with an extra … Continue reading I Want a New Tattoo.

You Go A Little Crazy.

You go a little crazy with love. You do. In a way that you could never understand before you become a parent. In a way for which nothing could prepare you. You go a little crazy with love. You find yourself holding your child in your aching arms, but unable to put them down. You … Continue reading You Go A Little Crazy.

A Season of Waiting, A Season of Silence

It's been cold and snowy here for the last few days. Mornings begin with below zero temps. The days have not warmed up beyond 15 degrees. I've made quick ventures out of the house here and there, but I've mostly been house bound. It's fitting really. The cold weather. The time spent inside. It's a … Continue reading A Season of Waiting, A Season of Silence

Weekend Warriors

What a weekend! Friday, I headed up to Boulder for the Resound Conference 2013 and heard some amazing speakers. More below. That evening, we went to the Stand for the Vulnerable event & got to hear one of our favorite artists live. A clip from the Josh Garrels concert is above.  Saturday, we were up … Continue reading Weekend Warriors