Fall/Winter Daily Rhythm

Hello November. Hello time change that makes no sense if you have kids or pets. Hello wool sweaters & knit hats, jackets & mittens. Hello baked goods, life-affirming soups, afternoon tea, a bigger mug of coffee in the mornings. Hello candlelight, good books, reflection time, more yoga, new daily rhythms. I've been meaning to write … Continue reading Fall/Winter Daily Rhythm

Guest Post: Piper’s Birth Story

**I recently made a request to friends and readers for birth stories, and I have been blown away by the beauty and courage of the moms who chose to share their story. The first is from my friend Kari Triplett, and I am honored to share it here. - Keri Piper's Birth Story When it … Continue reading Guest Post: Piper’s Birth Story

Please Excuse the Mess Around Here.

First thing's first. House keeping.  I reeeaaally need to do some house keeping around here. I know. I promise you, I've cleared off a spot on my metaphorical table for you to have tea over this topic. I'll get to the rearranging of this blog (which will still host tasty plant based recipes, health and … Continue reading Please Excuse the Mess Around Here.