Practical Magic.

I've never been a big fan of scary movies. On Halloween night, I usually prefer to stay at home and pass out candy while watching movies. My favorite is Practical Magic.  It's one of my favorite movies--not just for Halloween night. I love this movie for any night. Truth. I do have a minor obsession … Continue reading Practical Magic.

The Weight of Motherhood.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was rough with a teething boy, but we managed to sneak away to Boulder for a short "hike" & some gorgeous fall color. Also, I am honored to be a guest blogger at Denver Natural Mom! You can check it out The Weight of Motherhood here if … Continue reading The Weight of Motherhood.

Censoring Motherhood. Protecting Our Children. Loving Ourselves.

Have y'all heard about the Fourth Trimester Bodies Project? It's beautiful. !!! This is a screen shot of a regram of their deleted Instagram account. Their account keeps getting removed. You know what doesn't? This sickness. I'll save you the screen shots of his account. If you click on the link, do it when your … Continue reading Censoring Motherhood. Protecting Our Children. Loving Ourselves.