My sons are both under the age of three, but I’ve already caught a bit of flack for not sending them to preschool. Aren’t you scared they won’t be ready for kindergarten?

Well, no. I wasn’t. Not until you brought it up anyway. 

And while I believe that preschool certainly has its benefits, we are choosing to learn at home. Partly because preschools are expensive, and partly because I enjoy teaching and spending time learning.

So. I went a little excessive and did a bunch of research on what the yearly objectives for preschools were, what kindergarten standards are, what kids should know by kindergarten, and wrote out a tentative scope & sequence.

However, at this age I believe that the most important learning is play and happens in the natural world. I also don’t want to battle burnout. So we work at learning each week, and some weeks we review what we did the week before or I drop plans to notice the natural world or natural questions that arise.

Here you will find what we are learning: