Home Making

Let me be clear about a few things:

*We don’t have hardwood floors, chickens, a big farmhouse sink, subway tile. I am by no means Joanna Gaines, though I do love Fixer Upper. Our home isn’t very instagramable. 

*At some level, staying at home with my boys and all that it entails makes part of me bristle. I mean, it’s 2016. Shouldn’t I be burning my candle at 5 ends and have a career? Or even more vulnerably and authentically: I feel like I should be giving more to the world. It’s scary to not work or have any income of my own–especially when I had supported myself for so long.

*I get homesick all the time. So I suppose that would make where I live now not quite home. 


Even so, I am a home-maker. I prefer this term to stay at home mom. Because I am trying every day to make our house a home. To create a healthy, safe, beautiful, toxin-free space for us. Further, I am trying everyday to learn the area where we live by finding things to love about it, to create space within me and our lives for my boys to grow up in, to homeschool/unschool my children through connecting with the natural world and creating a bright and inviting home learning environment. 

I am imperfect and learning as I go, but I’ll be sharing what I try and learn here. Everything from DIY home projects to natural living product reviews to rethinking lifestyle in and around the home in a more naturally-minded way.

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