Medicine for Highly Sensitive People

If you don’t follow Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries go follow her. She wrote this Instagram post about being a highly sensitive person & experiencing overwhelm. And i was again reminded that i haven’t been brave enough to share one of the biggest realizations I’ve had about myself that has lead to healing and … Continue reading Medicine for Highly Sensitive People

A Delicate Balance–Ayurveda Part 2.

This isn't a post about what your dosha is. You can find fairly accurate quizzes for knowing your dosha from various sites on-line (far more accurate than buzzfeed quizzes plaguing facebook for which I am grateful while breastfeeding at 3 in the morning). What's a dosha? In case you aren't part of the yoga world, … Continue reading A Delicate Balance–Ayurveda Part 2.


I've been going through the journals I kept when I was in California College of Ayurveda's Ayurvedic Health Educator Program, and since so many people ask me what it is, I thought I'd start sharing a little about it every Wednesday. So, page 1 of my notes. What is Ayurveda? The knowledge of life. Health, … Continue reading Ayurveda

40 Days of Gratitude, 40 Days of Health, & a Lifetime of Surrender

It's Ash Wednesday. You won't see me with any on my forehead. And you may or may not believe in any Christian doctrine or practices. Regardless, I think 40 days is a perfect amount of time to adapt to a new way of living.  I like ritual, when it's practiced with earnest intention. I think … Continue reading 40 Days of Gratitude, 40 Days of Health, & a Lifetime of Surrender

Happy New Year

Zora Neale Hurston's novel Their Eyes Were Watching God begins with this. Years that ask questions and years that answer..... 2013 was a year of question. Of questions. Of questioning. Mostly, it was the year I asked to God & to my body, am I to be a mother? There were years, especially in my … Continue reading Happy New Year