Friday, I’m in Love 2

How is it September?! This week seemed like a whirlwind around here. How about you?  Even still, I managed to capture a few things I loved and hope you'll share in the comments what you loved this week! Making tiny boquets in empty spice jars. They make the cutest little vases, don't you think? My … Continue reading Friday, I’m in Love 2

Celebrating Small Wins

Things that I accomplished before 10 am: Cleaned all 3 bathrooms Nursed a toddler twice Vacuumed all 3 floors Hand mopped the kitchen and dining room while pretending to be a horse carrying my sons as riders Got dressed while playing peak-a-boo in my closet Got boys dressed by pretending to plant their arms & … Continue reading Celebrating Small Wins

Nourishing Practices and Sesame Seed Milk

My apologies for my absence in this space! We are now in our second week in a new house and new city, and I needed all the attention and time and energy I could muster for keeping my health coaching practice going while also packing and moving with a toddler. Things are finally starting to … Continue reading Nourishing Practices and Sesame Seed Milk

Sweet Potato-Parsnip Muffins and Snow Days

We had a typical Colorado winter storm over the weekend, and there's a little over a foot outside on the patio right now. Before baby, I wouldn't have thought much about it. Actually, before we moved to the Denver area. Snow in a small town with less traffic isn't as big of a deal. I … Continue reading Sweet Potato-Parsnip Muffins and Snow Days