Friday I’m in Love

In full honesty, this has been a hard week. I won’t go into all the details of it, but it’s a lot easier to bid this week farewell then to remember it. Still, there were tiny joys to be found. So here are the good things, the things I loved about this week: Making Balm…Read more »

Eat More Veggies 

Whether you a paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian, or something in between, most of us could stand to eat more vegetables. We know how good they are for us, but still very few people eat the recommended servings per day.  As a health coach & former vegan, who still eats primarily plants, I get asked often…Read more »

Friday, I’m in Love 2

How is it September?! This week seemed like a whirlwind around here. How about you?  Even still, I managed to capture a few things I loved and hope you’ll share in the comments what you loved this week! Making tiny boquets in empty spice jars. They make the cutest little vases, don’t you think? My…Read more »

Friday I’m in Love

I got this idea to start a new Friday blog tradition. Nothing long or serious, just a list of things I’ve loved each week posted on Friday. Would love if it became a thing and other bloggers and non bloggers played along! Gratitude is always a good thing.  So: Moon shadows. So freaking cool, right?!…Read more »