Hi! I’m Keri.  I love: my husband, my sons, daily yoga, plants, seasons, clean food, trail runs, Ayurveda, good books, being creative, acts of kindness, essential oils, herbalism, new restaurants, cheesy chick flicks, green tea, self care, eating green things, puppies, owls, horses, pretty much all animals, singing while driving, dancing in my room, campfires, flip flops, the smell and sound of the ocean, sunrises, Indian food, the smell of old books, Nature, God, reading out loud, Mary Oliver, Hafiz, Rumi, red wine,  Rockies games, and my family.

 I am a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga teacher, a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an Ayurvedic Health Educator, and a student of herbalism.

But I wasn’t always. I used to be a hot mess of anxiety, losing my hair going on women’s rogaine (no joke), body shaming, fat talking high school English teacher. Before that I was a college student who also struggled with anxiety, with disordered eating, with all out body hatred, and self esteem issues. And before that I was a high school student with anxiety. In fact, my senior year of high school, I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to college because my anxiety caused chronic IBS (which I kept secret because hello?! Could there be anything more embarrassing for a high school student?!). Before that I was a pretty happy, ultra-creative child.

And now? I worry still. And sometimes I’m still a hot mess. But I no longer have anxiety. Or have eating habits that could be classified as anorexic or bulimic. I no longer am losing hair or taking ulcer mess for worry. In fact, I don’t take ANY medicines that I don’t know how to make or  that I don’t make myself. There’s been no magic pill, but there has been a journey. And I’d love to help you with yours if you are:

*Feeling stuck

*Have anxiety you can’t shake, but don’t want to try meds just yet.

*Have anxiety and you want to get off meds 

*Are ready to stop counting every calorie and just make healthy living a priority

*Are ready to love your body or begin to befriend it

*Are ready to let your lifestyle be the medicine that heals instead of harms you.

I’ve been there before, you aren’t alone, and you are worth the energy and effort it takes to be healthy.

With love,




14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Congrats momma to be!! Colorado is one of my favorite places, you just step outside and want to go running!

  2. Hey! Not sure if you participate in awards, but I’ve nominated you for The Lovely Blog award. You can see the post on my blog, as well as the rules for accepting the award! Love your blog! 🙂

  3. Hi!! I have found you through Owl Wonders blog! I love yoga and agree with many ideas of holistic health, but I often slack in practicing! I can’t wait to check out your blog, your family is beautiful! 🙂

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