Warmth + Light

I heard a pastor say recently that online church was like watching a fire on tv. You can see the light, but you can’t feel the warmth. And I just feel that’s so true about this isolated digital existence that we are living through these days. 

At the same time, sometimes when I’m in social media spaces, I don’t see much light. I see snark and self-righteousness and feel fire. I try to be quiet about it. But inwardly I steam for hours. And I don’t really need that in my life. 

Forgive me for this little spark. I intend to be a person who provides both warmth and light. I don’t always succeed. I’m sorry if my words ever burned, if you ever inwardly steamed at something I said. 

These days I feel a call to be even more intentional about being and also seeking warmth and light. I’m finding it in the simplicity of rhythms with my sons, in reading real books and talking about them with my sister, in studying the Bible with two friends, in watching sunrises and sunsets, in drawing and painting and daydreaming. In tracking the moon and learning from it how I can better reflect Light and trying to stay silent when I’m unable to.

So that’s why you’ll see less of me on social media this year. I’m trading sharing Instagram stories for reading stories. Right now The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, and Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline and all the beauty I get to read and share with my kids. Today we read Aladdin in The Blue Fairy Book.

I’ll be here to share when I have something nice to say. Or beautiful to share. Or helpful—like a recipe or homeschool week recap or things I’m loving right now. Because don’t we all need the warmth and light of kindness and beauty these days.

Be gentle friends ❤️

4 thoughts on “Warmth + Light

  1. Yes ❤

    1. Hope you and yours are well ❤️

  2. Lovely post. I share your thoughts about wanting to be and seek out warmth and light. These are days to glow and soothe.

    1. Thank you. Your words are soothing ❤️

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