Eat the Rainbow Produce Challenge

Healthy eating, assortment of fruits and vegetables in rainbow colors

Maybe it’s just our house, but I feel that since Halloween, we have fallen a bit too far off the healthy eating habits that I intend for our family to have. There have been too many leftover Halloween candy pieces as treats after meals instead of fruits. Whining about veggies or veggies left uneaten after meals.

When the boys were little–babies and toddlers, I started this blog as a means to inspire healthy living for other families. I truly believe that what we eat matters, and food can be a type of medicine! I’m a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition along with my herbal medicine studies–and even in my Herbal Medicine for Women course, we have learned just how important diet is when it comes to health and healing. But my former somewhat strict self would probably be frustrated with how far I’ve loosened the reins with sugar. I used to watch it so carefully–avoiding all food colors, and most processed foods. I did baby-led weaning, I blogged healthy recipes and ways to sneak in more veggies.

But now that the boys are older, they see what other kids are allowed to eat, and I don’t want to be the mom who tells them they can NEVER eat what everyone else does. Still, with all that I’ve learned about nutrition, I also want them to be aware of how they feel when they eat a big sugary piece of cake at a birthday party. Or how food coloring makes them feel hyper and out of control. Or how not getting enough healthy protein makes them feel less grounded. Or how eating warm, nourishing foods in the winter helps them feel more nourished (and helps to keep us well) than raw veggies or salads–which are better in the warmer months.

Eat the Rainbow Produce Chart

My boys are very visual learners. So having a clear picture of what we eat is helpful for them–for all of us! Because without it, I get busy with life and maybe think we’ve been eating better than we have. I created this almost-embarassingly simple rainbow chart to help keep our family accountable. Initially, I used to just write our names under each color that we ate each day. However, I now prefer to write down the type of produce with our initials next to it so that we can ensure that we are eating a wide variety of produce instead of the same types over and over. The wider range of color and type, the more nutrients we can pack into our bodies, and the more we can feed the healthy bacteria in our guts to aid in creating a healthy microbiome and immune system! So since we are getting back on track this week, I thought I would share this with you and ask you to join us in our Eat the Rainbow Produce Challenge! Download your copy Here:

Feel free to save it to your computer, print it out and be sure to tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #EattheRainbowProduceChallengeforFamilies (if you’re a hashtag using kind of person). I hope that it helps you and your family eat a wide variety of nourishing foods and that you stay well, recover from illnesses quickly, and enjoy the beauty of good food together!

PS. You may also write in any supplements at the blank space under the bottom of the rainbow. This helps me know for certain that the boys have taken their cod liver oil, elderberry, congaplex, kraut, and stock each day.

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