Costco Staples

Yesterday I snapped a picture when we were at Costco and shared in my Instagram stories that they’re carrying Dr. Bronner’s now. Yay! I’ll make a post soon about the different ways we use castille soap around our house–it has so many uses and is a great non-toxic and green option swap for so many cleaning products. I woke up to a few messages inquiring what other healthy staples we buy at Costco. So here are some and how we use them:


A few pantry staples we usually get at Costco are:

  • Navitas Cacao powder. I use this to make hot cocoa, chocolate robots (in silicone molds), and I use it in chili, to make a chocoalte drizzle for fruits and veggies, or chocolate pudding made from sweet potatoes & coconut oil. Want the recipes?
  • Coconut Aminos (not pictured because our Costco was out of stock)
  • Kirland Organic Maple Syrup. I think we bought two of these last year and they last forever. It’s such a deal!
  • Chosen Foods Avocado oil spray–avocado oil tolerates heat well and really has such a mild flavor you can use it when you sautee just about anything.
  • Thai Kitchen Organic Full Fat Coconut milk. We’ve already gone through two of the four pack we bought last time we were there. We use this most often in curries, but occasionally, I’ll make a whipped coconut oil topping for fruit.
  • Mama Chia pouches. These are so easy to throw in my purse or take on the road. The boys both love them, and while they aren’t the most eco-friendly choice because of the disposable packaging, they are an easy snack to pack that I don’t feel bad about giving the boys.
  • Organic Gala apples—a large bag is only around $5. We alternate between these or bags of apples from Natural Grocers. It’s so much less expensive to buy apples by the bag, and we eat quite a few throughout the week—grated into oat muffins or millet porridge, sliced up & sprinkled with cinnamon, or baked with a little kerrygold butter & cinnamon & walnuts for dessert.
  • Oranges by the bag. This is more seasonal, but we found a good deal on Cara Cara oranges, and I have been loving their juice in salad dressings lately.
  • RW Garcia sweet potato crackers. I wish they made these with coconut oil instead, but otherwise, I’m happy with them. They’re a nice gluten free treat and are a sweet cracker. We also sometimes get Simple Mills Almond Flour crackers there.


Freezer staples we buy at Costco:

  • Organic Broccoli–which sadly has been out of stock lately, but it’s the best! We prefer it over any other brand of organic frozen broccoli we’ve tried since the florets are whole–Simple Truth from Kroger are more chopped up, and Cascadian Farms broccoli just isn’t as fresh tasting.
  • Organic Multi-Colored Cauliflower & Organic Riced Cauliflower (not pictured). Easy to just open a bag of these and steam them for quick additions to meals or curries. I also often sneak riced cauliflower into smoothies since it gives it a texture like soft-serve ice cream.
  • Kerrygold Butter. It just is so much less expensive when you buy it in bulk. We almost never use any other kind–unless we are using Ghee.
  • Frozen Organic Berries. Of course we use these for smoothies, but also home-made chia jams that can be stored in the fridge, and “nice cream” which is simply a frozen banana mixed with either greens or frozen berries or cacao powder & cinnamon.
  • Lundberg Organic Brown Rice. I store ours in a big glass jar in the pantry for monthly or more regular use, but keep the giant bag in the freezer. One-Two bags usually last us a year!
  • We’ve also tried the Organic Root Veggie Medley, which I think is mushy. We never use the steamable bags because plastic and heat are never a good idea, but just roasting them on a pan made for a mushy mess. So I added them to a root veggie hummus that was okay with the sweet potato crackers. But I think future bags will be used in soups or curries or smoothies or muffins as the texture just doesn’t compare to fresh roasted veggies.
  • We do not like the organic frozen green beans from Costco. The texture is off– a stringy, slimy mess.
  • Before purchasing Grassfed-beef from a local rancher we know, we used to sometimes get their ground beef. We also occasionally buy the Teton Waters beef hot dogs. And finally, we also sometimes get Rumano  Organic Cheddar cheese slices.


And that’s it! I have mixed feelings about shopping at Costco. I mean, nothing like seeing bulk items to really open your eyes into your consumption habits. And sometimes I think bulk packaging there could be better to make it a bit more eco-friendly, but I appreciate no plastic bag waste at checkout, decent organic choices, larger products & less individual waste, and of course really great deals on items that cost much more in other stores.

Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing other store staple posts in the future! Or if I’ve definitely missed some healthy must have–sometimes it gets overwhelming shopping there!

❤ Keri


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