Happy New Year


We spent the days following Christmas in the Black Hills and drove back New Year’s Day. It was beautiful there, and it allowed for a slowing down that was so necessary–partly because we had nowhere to go and partly because there was next to no internet service. Also, the last day we were there, my 4-year-old came down with a stomach bug, so I spent the day sitting with him, sipping tea, and reading.

Coming back home has made me realize how full our lives are–even though I always seem to feel like we aren’t doing enough of anything. Enough homeschooling, enough social interaction and play dates, enough work or money-making for myself, enough working out, enough writing, enough outdoor time, etc.

And while the inner narrative of more keeps shouting away, the stomach bug moved onto my youngest and also me, so these first few days of January have forced us to continue a slow pace. So on last night’s new moon, I did what I’ve made a habit over the last few years and set an intention. I didn’t start setting intentions each new moon to be trendy. We live in a world disconnected from nature, but we are of it. Connecting with the seasons and moon cycles has become more important to me the further I have moved from places where views like the one below were a daily occurrence. They are small ways to connect  to the natural world and the true nature within myself.


Also, since becoming a mother, my personal time is much more limited, so I have to be more intentional about time. The lunar cycles are days I can mark on the calendar and set aside for the work of self growth and introspection.

So with last night’s new moon, I set an intention to bring a bit of slowness into each day, to move my body more, and also to create something each day—however small. No crazy financial or business goals to crush, no fitness goals to slay, no perfection to prove because it just doesn’t resonate with the pace of the natural world right now. In all of nature, winter is a time for rest and reflection, for deep nourishment of mind and body, for planting seeds of intention so that we can spring into action when the time arises.

What are your intentions for this season, for this lunar cycle, or for the new year?


With love,



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