Our Kids Deserve Better

Y’all I’m struggling today. The question: How much do you try to hold on to your values vs. surrendering to the completely opposite values of the world for the purpose of trying to create an experience for your children?

Here’s today’s example. Before i start, i wanna preface this by saying that as a family, we do not eat nearly as healthy as I’d like. My kids eat more Boulder potato chips than I’d care to admit. I’d like to say we are all gluten free, and never have sugar-induced melt downs (because sugar affects me & my kids noticeably), but that’s just not true. Still, as far from perfect as we are, there are levels of frankenfood that I’m just not okay giving them. When you learn that food colorings are linked to cancer, or how susceptible little bodies are to the chemicals in our foods, it’s hard to turn a blind eye. I guess you can’t really turn an eye when you are no longer blind to something even if that something is accepted by the masses to be normal.

Anyway, today i dropped off my 4 year old at a summer day camp. I was excited to hear about how it went when i picked him up—especially because it was the longest I’d ever dropped him off at something like this before. But instead of telling me about the new friends he made or what he learned, what stood out most to him was the blue ocean pudding they had at snack time. And what stood out to me was the hyperactivity & melt downs this afternoon. Fun fun!

Even though i put on his paperwork to avoid food coloring, i don’t blame the camp. I blame society in general. It’s beyond frustrating to live in a world where it’s normal to feed our children poison. Yep. I said it. Poison. In the form of food dyes, food sprayed with pesticides & harmful chemicals that doesn’t wash off, sugar that causes hyperactivity & medication to fix it, and rancid oils. It’s really hard to get away from these foods in this world. And when you try, you’re seen as some sort of weirdo who needs to lighten up & let their kid live a little…..by giving them food that’s linked to cancer….

I’m not trying to judge anyone by writing this post. I know how exhausting it can be just to get kids to eat at ALL, let alone healthy. All I’m saying is that it’s worth trying. And trying harder. And trying again. It doesn’t even need to be about organic superfoods–just real food. Because our kids deserve better.

It’s really frustrating how little health is valued in our society. As J.Krishnamurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” And though I’ve spent my fair share of time isolating myself from society when it comes to living a life aligned to my own health value, i don’t always feel like it’s fair or right to limit my children.

But then again, i wouldn’t send my 4 & 2 year old to the park for the day alone. I supervise & protect them; i encourage them to make safe choices….why is food any different? Why is it considered weird to care about what our kids eat? How can we change this narrative?

I’m hoping to learn more & post solutions we all have soon.

With ❤️


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