Medicine Making

All my life I’ve loved plants. When I was a senior in high school I begged my mom to buy me an herb book at the community college where she worked, and I poured over the pages night after night dreaming of planting an herb garden and making note of which I’d seen on frequent hiking trips. Had I known an herbalist then, I probably would have skipped traditional college and started an apprenticeship.

Sometimes the dreams of our youth change, and sometimes there’s no denying something that’s a part of you. Learning about herbs & making medicines is a way of coming home to myself. And, though I’m a little nervous to share my medicine with others, I’m excited too.

I’ve been growing and wildcrafting herbal teas and salves and oils and vinegars, but I’ve also been making flower essences after taking a class with One Willow Apothecaries last Spring.

I took my first flower essence in the late 90s when I was working in a health food store while I was in college. Anxiety was my nemesis, and though my struggle with it had improved since my senior year of high school, it was starting to return. A coworker made me a cup of chamomile tea and put a dropper full of Bach’s Rescue Remedy. I don’t know if it was the calming effects of the chamomile or the essence, but it seemed to work. I still use it–when I struggled with post partum anxiety, before car trips, and for both boys when they were/are teething.

But now, I’ve also been making my own flower essences and enjoying the subtle shift they bring.

So much of our good days and bad days are created within our mind. We see and experience moment after moment and tell ourselves stories about these moments–they are good or bad, frustrating, uplifting, exhausting, energizing. And the stories we tell about the moments we experience or about ourselves greatly impact our mood, our choices, and what happens as a result of those choices.

Words are powerful. Thoughts are powerful. If you are uncertain of this, check out the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Our bodies are roughly 70% water, so of course our thoughts have similar effects on us.

Flower essences are thought Medicine–in that they encourage subtle shifts in the way we think and feel about ourselves and the world. When we take them, they help us rewrite our story. I’ve seen the benefits of them time and time again. And, I’d love to share this medicine with you. Etsy shop link here!

Currently (Spring 2018) I’m also enrolled in The Chestnut School ‘s Herbal Medicine Making program, finished Aviva Romm’s Healthy All Year, am a member of Herb Mentor, and I have 595 hours of education in Ayurveda from California College of Ayurveda.

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