Married Up: Apricot Ginger tempeh/chicken in the Crock Pots

IMG_8984I’m falling in love lately. I’m already head over heals for my son & husband, so this relationship is new. I notice myself excitedly making plans with this new love. Gawking at pictures on-line. Dreaming about all the extra time that I will get to spend–not WITH my new love, but BECAUSE of my new love. And if you are a new mom, or a working woman, or just a human in this frenetically paced world in general, time is a luxury.

What is this new love? Our slow cookers. We have two. The big one for meat. And my little vegan version. I’m thinking it might behoove me to get another larger one for me too. But for now, these babies are where it’s at. Which is funny, because I’d always assumed they were just to make icky thinks like lil smokeys or buffalo queso dip in the past. Wrong. So wrong.

In addition to my love for our slow cookers is my new past time of scouring the internet for slow cooker recipes. Healthy ones. Ones that I can make vegan & marry. Since I’m a vegan married to a meat eater (in case you’re new around here). Anyway, I have a whole Pinterest Board for this–and as I pinned away, I noticed a theme. I was really inspired by her recipes. This is my own version of a recent one from the New Leaf Wellness blog.

IMG_8938 On my plate: Apricot Ginger tempeh, lightly steamed bok choy topped with Ume plum vinegar, & kimchee (this brand). Topped with brown sesame seeds.

IMG_8943On His plate: Basmati Rice, topped with Apricot Ginger Chicken and scallions.

The Recipe

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 4.01.27 PMScreen shot 2015-01-22 at 4.01.40 PMThrow everything in the crockpots and cook on low for 4-5 hours. Best to put in around lunch so it’s ready for dinner. I think it would be burned if you left it in all day.

When you get home, put some rice in the rice cooker and lightly steam some bok choy. To make a paleo version, skip the apricot jam, use coconut aminos,  don’t cook rice, and eat the kimchee and bok choy. Although the apricot jam makes this really tasty. We both couldn’t get enough.

*Make sure to use apricot jam that does not use HFCS, and if possible, one that uses as little sugar as possible.

With Love for Meat Eaters and Vegans Alike,


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