Restorative Yoga Sunday. Back & shoulders.

IMG_7179It may not look like much, but after a long day hunched over something–a child or computer a kitchen floor, this pose is pure bliss.  In many yoga classes, a similar shoulder opener is taught, but using a Mexican blanket horizontally across your back. This one is slightly different, and I love it. So here:

I folded my blanket like this.

IMG_7172In half width-wise and then length wise.

IMG_7173And length wise again. And then most importantly:

IMG_7174Accordion-style to get some decent height. Here is a view from the top:

IMG_7175Then gently lay on the blanket. You want the bottom fold to hit where your bra-strap would hit  (of for any male readers, where you would find one 😉 ). NOT AT THE BASE OF THE SPINE. I’ll say it again, where your bra clasp would be. This picture illustrates where:

IMG_7177(This pose is more relaxing without a baby so close in the background.) Once you lay on the blanket, you should notice a bit of excess blanket at the top of your head. You can fold it under to make a pillow so that your head is slightly elevated. That’s what’s happening with my arms in this picture. Once in the full pose, your arms should be at your sides–about 5-6 inches away from your body (not at a cross shape and not glued to your sides). Palms should face toward the ceiling.

I beg you, spend five minutes in this at the end of the day. Spend five minutes with your eyes closed, in this pose, replaying every moment you were grateful for. Heart openers are the best time to focus on gratitude. And then slowly come out of it–roll onto your right side and push the blanket away, to roll onto your back once again noting the changes in your spine. Then gently press yourself into a seated position, sit with your eyes closed, and observe how you feel physically, mentally emotionally. As you take note of those feelings–make a quick mental list of how to nourish yourself in the week ahead.

With love,


7 thoughts on “Restorative Yoga Sunday. Back & shoulders.

  1. I need to go back to yoga! You have inspired me!

    1. I remember in teacher training, our instructor saying over & over: How does your yoga practice support you? At the time I wanted to know more, get stronger & teach. After baby, i finally get it. My practice isn’t half the intensity it once was, but it keeps me sane. Hope your practice gives you what you most need! 💛

      1. That is what running does for me, it keeps me sane but I would like to do yoga more often. It is so relaxing!

  2. Thanks for the self-love tip!

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