Winter Bucket List Part 1

IMG_7108It’s not quite 9am, and it’s 3 degrees outside right now. A whopping 3 degrees warmer than it was when we woke up. It’s lightly snowing, and as pretty as it is, it’s November. November! The month that is still supposed to be autumn. But one look outside frigidly illustrates that winter is here.

Rather than cry over my chamomile tea (we were out of COFFEE this morning), I’ve decided to make the best of the bitter cold and an uncharacteristically early morning nap time to make a winter bucket list. From now until Christmas. Since we live in Colorado, winter necessitates two bucket lists. Sigh.

* Make a new soup once a week (yesterday we were housebound & I made some pretty great vegetable broth recipe coming soon!)

* Rework a few sugary holiday recipes to make them still tasty but less-likely to give me a sugar hangover.

* Knit a few more hats and finally mail a few promised to friends!

* Make small Christmas gifts for family & friends (to be determined).

* Make it a point to exercise every day–even when we are stuck inside.

* Incorporate more restorative yoga into my week, and post here weekly as a gift for the stressful holiday season to all of you!

* Get outside every day the weather is 30 or above; let Easton experience snow and cold and winter & know the magic of it.

* We missed the coat donation day, so I plan on cleaning out what we no longer wear and taking our warm clothes and coats to Goodwill.

* Donate money to a local shelter providing Thanksgiving for the homeless.

* Pick a name from the angel tree, and let Easton begin the first of many holidays with the spirit of giving.

* Deck the halls. But without a full size Christmas tree. I’m not up for a month of NO, Don’t touch!

* Read and re-read all the winter and Christmas books.

* Read more books, or even a book just for me. Little Blue truck 500 times a day doesn’t count & isn’t cutting it.

* Sing Christmas carols, let Easton learn which he loves most.

* Make a Christmas ornament for Easton. Some keepsake for his first Christmas!

* Spend a Friday night driving around looking at Christmas lights.

* Bask in candlelight everyday.

* Make some bath cures with essential oils for the cold.

* Come up with an age appropriate Advent activity calendar for Easton & spend each day making memories.

What are you planning for this winter? What’s on your wish list?

With Love from Colorado,


3 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List Part 1

  1. Oh wow, you had a major temperature drop! I love your bucket list and your optimism! I’m wanting to make the best of the winter and I think I may steal some of your ideas. 🙂 I’m most excited to get moved into our first home next week and then start decorating for Christmas soon. Even though the winter months are so chilly, I love all the traditions and soups. mmm, I swear I use my crock pot almost everyday now. 🙂 If you come across a great soup, I’d love it if you shared! Great post, Keri!

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