Practical Magic.

IMG_6634I’ve never been a big fan of scary movies. On Halloween night, I usually prefer to stay at home and pass out candy while watching movies. My favorite is Practical Magic.  It’s one of my favorite movies–not just for Halloween night. I love this movie for any night.

Truth. I do have a minor obsession with all things witch. However, what I love most about this movie is the sisterhood, the beauty, the kitchen!, the sillyness, the magic, and the idea that magic is something we experience in the everyday. I believe in all of those things:







IMG_6628I’m not really a big fan of Halloween. I don’t really like spending extra money on costumes that we will wear for one night. I don’t like the worry that comes with it, the smell of Goodwill finds (that somehow never quite washes out), the horror flicks, cheap candy, and now the looming fear of letting my child Trick or Treat in a world full of not so safe neighborhoods.

But I like the history of it. Samhain (sow-in) is a pagan holiday celebrated from sunset on October 31 to sunset on November 1. A night that marks the end of summer and hearkens the darkest season of the year. Rituals for the celebration included candles, bonfires, dancing, feasts, and honoring the dead. It’s where we get our pumpkin carving and bobbing for apples, and where we’ve lost some traditions like peeling apples and using the peels as a form of divination. The history is long forgotten. We don’t know why we scoop out pumpkin guts, that its origins lie in the thought that the night is a liminal time–a time when the veil between this world and other worlds is gossamer thin. The history fascinates me. I believe in a lot of these things too:

Bringing light to the darkest nights

Bonfires and campfires on cold nights

Dancing & the healing it brings


Honoring the dead, taking note of those who have passed that we have loved and admired


This world

Other worlds


IMG_6629I believe in magic. Maybe I can’t fly or wiggle my nose and make the objects of my affection appear from thin air. Maybe I can’t freeze motion, predict with perfect clarity the future, or move things with my mind. Maybe I can’t cast spells. But I can make a meal from practically nothing in the cupboard. Magic! And I bet you can make a paycheck last the year that some months take. Magic! I can be fully present to the golden hour of light just before the sun sets each day with my son, and in that way make time stand still for a bit. You can create a life that you love. I can follow my intuition, live by the gut feeling I get that has often guided me well through this life. We can make our own rituals:

Start each day with hope & prayer & gratitude

Care for those we love with the most tender hands

Make meals that nourish our bodies, minds, spirits

Smile at strangers

Laugh with friends

Connect over coffee

Talk over tea

Kiss away pain and booboos

Make monster spray for under the beds and closets

Come clean–through confession and baths and tears

Love bigger than we knew was possible

Be present every chance we can

IMG_6584Magic. Everyday. Magic! We all have it in us. Not just on Halloween. On all days, everyday–when we listen.

With love,


9 thoughts on “Practical Magic.

  1. How beautiful. I love this. It is very nicely written. I actually do like Halloween, but mostly because I like to dress up, but the whole ghouls and goblins I think is a bit much for our little one’s delicate minds. PS. Practical Magic is a favorite of mine too.

    1. I love seeing costumes-but am terrible about dressing up! Fun to tour through blogs & pinterest to see how creative people are with costumes!

  2. Love the pics and I always believe something magical is about to happen! Great post!

    1. Thank you 💛 And i agree–something magical IS about to happen!

  3. Beautiful words mama. I hate that most holidays today have lost the true historical meaning and have become something so .. hallmarky? But I believe that they are what we make them and that’s what’s magical about it, and magical about having kids. Creating your own magic and your own traditions and teaching the origins of why we even celebrate. Loved reading this ❤️

    1. Thanks for reading. So true–hallmarky IS the best adjective….and I look forward to trying to create our own traditions & rituals—with the inspiration from other creative, authentic mamas like you 😊

  4. Your outlook on life is so inspiring! Life is as magical as you make it! 🙂 …and Practical Magic was one of my favorite Halloween movies too, along with Hocus Pocus!

    1. I love Hocus Pocus! Happy Halloween🎃!

      1. Back to you! 🙂

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