A House Divided.

IMG_5819Dinner this week was on point. And since my sweet baby’s arrival, I’ve been off my kitchen game. It’s hard. Not just now, it’s always been hard in our house. Here’s why:

My husband eats: Meat (including: steak, pot roast, chicken anyway but baked, bacon, and pepperoni), bell peppers, potatoes, bread. Maybe some lettuce. Maybe a few carrots.

I eat: Mostly plant based, but sometimes incorporate eggs–especially since after Easton, I initially thought soy was upsetting his stomach (after accidentally eating it & discovering he had no issues, I chalked it up to a young stomach and over-active letdown).

Things we have in common: bell peppers, carrots, potatoes, lettuce.


So……. what’s for dinner?


I used to just cook two meals. One for me and one for him. We’d eat the same side salad, I’d cook something for myself while meat was marinating and grilling. But, y’all. Ain’t no moms got time for that! For real.

So I’ve been practicing my crockpot creativity, chatting up my grandmas, and hunting down slowcooker recipes. Also, I’ve been making huge beans and grain salads 1-2 days a week which I spoon over greens for me. This way there is always a quick and easy back up plan–for the days I can’t marry two completely opposite meal plans. Like I did with the meal above.

On my plate: Mixed supergreens, chopped button mushrooms, dried apple-juicesweetened cranberries, baked butternut squash, cranberry-onion marinated baked tempeh, carrots, and home-made honey mustard dressing.

On his (not pictured, but devoured!): Cranberry Pork Roast and salad and bread. I made it from Kelly McNellis’ AWESOME slowcooker cook book, but here is a link to the recipe on her blog.

When I made the marinade for the pork, I separated some and used it to marinate tempeh. If you truly wanted to make it vegan, just skip the honey ( I did for mine and used a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar instead for tang).

And if you want to whip up some of your own honeyless mustard dressing, try this:

4 T Dijon mustard

2 T coconut palm sugar

1-1&1/2 T Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2-3/4 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

salt & pepper to taste


Anyone else live in a house divided (in terms of food fights?!)


With Love,


9 thoughts on “A House Divided.

  1. Haha, you guys are very similar to us! Lucky for me my husband travels so much he gets his share of steak and potatoes while out. When at home he is always adventurous enough to try whatever I am making. 🙂

  2. Dude. This is 100% us! My husband is pretty much paleo (and hates most veggies except canned boiled green beans) and I eat vegan/vegetarian since I was born! I used to cook both too, but since baby its been harder. What are you going to do with baby? Currently my son is a vegetarian with me .

    1. Ha ha! Glad to know I’m not alone. It’s madness! And our little guy is veg so far, mostly because I want him to develop a palate for a variety of foods. Once he can talk, I’ll let him choose if he wants to eat animals. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. Always enjoy your blog and Instagram! My hubs and I dream of moving to colorado! I also have a complicated history with food and exercise, so it’s always nice to find other fine ladies that I feel akin to, 🙂

  3. That butternut squash looks absolutely fantastic! I’m also plant-based with a carnivorous family, so I feel your struggles! Loved this post – I was smiling to myself the whole way through! 🙂

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