Worth it Wednesday.

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 1.33.30 PMI know I said Wednesdays would be wellness-minded posts, but my little boy has his first cold right now. We just got back from his longest road trip & I’m sure it played a part in him picking it up. It breaks my heart to see his little runny nose and watery eyes. And though I’m a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, completed my Ayurvedic Health Educator certification, and have taught yoga for years, all of my natural healing methods are new to me when applied to a 3 month old baby. There’s not much I can do or know to do–besides nurse as often as possible & squirt breastmilk in his nose and eyes, apply thieves diluted in coconut oil to the bottom of his feet, eat really clean & nutrient dense foods, up my vitaminD, and wait it out.

While we wait out his cold, I’m postponing a Wellness Wednesday post & writing a Worth-it Wednesday post instead. In my last post, if you looked closely, you would have seen that I have been using the crib as a place to store clean laundry that I still need to fold. Embarrassing and true. Was a $300 crib worth it? Probably not. It might be someday when we can convert it into a toddler bed, but for now, we are co-sleeping. Actually, we are not just co-sleeping, we are bed-sharing.


While I was pregnant, this is something I swore we wouldn’t do. Hence the crib. It’s funny how certain things just get thrown out the window once that little bundle of joy actually arrives. When I was still pregnant, a friend of mine warned me, “Babies make all kinds of crazy noises when they sleep, so be prepared to be constantly waking up in the night to make sure they are okay.” During Easton’s first week home, he slept in the crib–pushed so close to our bed that I could literally reach over and touch him. This is still considered co-sleeping. And he did make all KINDS of crazy noises. I didn’t sleep. Me without sleep = a crying mess. Next we tried having me sleep on the couch with him in the infant insert of the Pack & Play. He slept a bit more soundly, but I ended up with my back a crooked mess. Thank goodness for good chiropractors and massage therapists (more on this later). And finally, after nearly a month of sleep deprivation, I caved. I nursed him to sleep while sitting in bed & laid him down next to me. No crazy noises. Not a fussing or stirring until he wanted to feed. It wasn’t a full night’s sleep, but I got far more sleep and was a much more present mom in the days that follow.

Sleep is sacred. Sweet sleep. Wonderful sleep. I dream of sleeping. I’m not losing sleep over the money I wasted on a crib. Maybe when he’s older. But here are things that make me sleep easier. Or at least worry less. These baby things are worth the money. However much. Here are my top 5.

5. Cute Baby Hats. At least if your baby is born in winter. Babies barely have hair. And you will want to take way too many pictures in all of the hats. See here:


4. The BOB. It is a dream machine of strollers. I’m still not running much, but this makes it possible when I do. It also stores easily in the back of our car, is easy to assemble before trips through the mall or grocery store. The front wheel swivels easily, so corners are no problem.

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 8.29.08 PM

3. Regular Chiropractic Visits. I know, I know–it’s not a thing. But when you have a new baby, you will be leaning over him or her 80% of your day. Your back will be killing you! And you need to live. For your baby! If you live in the Denver area, I recommend going to one of these offices if you are looking for a new place to go. But I may be a little biased since my BIL is one of the chiropractors. Look at uncle Andy with my big boy:

IMG_25122. I don’t have one. But I desperately wish I would have chosen a diaper bag that has backpack straps. Mine you can wear messenger style or carry like a handbag. But when you’re toting a car seat  & groceries, a backpack diaper bag would be ideal.

1.5. The Mommy Hook. A good friend sent this as part of a gift, and I LOVE it. No more trips to and from the car. I load up the Mommy Hook and carry 50 pounds of groceries in one arm and my son in the other.  Get one.

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 8.43.45 PM

1. The Nose Frida. This is the best $15 I’ve ever spent. In. My. Life. IF you are a parent to be. Get the Nose Frida. You need it. You will need it at 3:00 in the morning when your little one has a stuffy nose and can’t nurse. Because of the NoseFrida, you will sleep again. A little.

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 8.45.21 PM

So those are my 5. What did I miss on your list?


With Love.

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