Health for the Holidays

I’ve been agonizing about what to do for Thanksgiving. Originally, we had been planning to go to my husband’s family (in South Dakota) for the holiday. Our good friends were also planning on having a baby shower for me the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I was really looking forward to the holiday–getting to see family, playing with nieces and nephews, getting away from the city for a bit, and connecting with good friends. But holy wow, did anyone else get a shock when they realized how Thanksgiving and December were so stinking close together? I didn’t realize how far along I’d be that week–a little over 34 weeks. And, I’m scared. Not to be there, but to drive the 10+ hour drive with numerous potty breaks in the middle of nowheresville Wyoming & South Dakota. And then I started reading about long road trips in the third trimester and deep vein thrombosis.  I also asked our midwife about the trip. Though she didn’t say we couldn’t go, she advised that we would want to take a copy of my medical records and make sure to be diligent about stopping every two hours (again, in the middle of no where Wyoming)….So, onto plan B.

I make Thanksgiving just for the two, er–three?, of us at home. If anyone else is in the same predicament–not pregnant and scared of holiday travels, but planning their own Thanksgiving, I’ve got this nifty Gluten Free Holiday Guide to share with you!  It’s not a meal planner for Thanksgiving, but I’m planning on using some of these recipes to make our weekend at home a little more special since we can’t be with family this year.

What you get when you click on the link (picture) & enter your contact info:

  • 24 delicious recipes for any time of day and every craving.
  • Seasonal ingredients to make the most of the fall harvest.
  • Healthy alternatives to conventional dishes that your family and friends will love.

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